Legacy™ Furnace Duct Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilator Model ERVXNVA

This uniquely designed ventilator can mount directly onto your furnace or return air duct. As a Legacy™ Series product, count on it to be a lasting value for your home. You can have fresh air year round – even on extreme days. It’s a much better fresh air solution than opening a window and letting your energy dollars fly out.


  • Air Flow: 130 cubic ft/min
  • ASE Heating Efficiency: Up to 76% at 32 °F
  • TRE Cooling Efficiency: Up to 55% at 95 °F


  • Brings in fresh air and expels stale, sometimes unhealthy air
  • Slim design is only 7.25″ wide and eliminates half the normal venting runs
  • Pre-conditions incoming air to reduce energy loss
  • Reduces humidity in summer from incoming fresh air
  • Prefilters particulates from incoming air with a MERV 6 filter to protect the core
  • Crossflow design keeps stale, outgoing air from mixing with fresh, incoming air
  • Designed for continuous-mode operation without defrost cycling
  • Best used in IECC climate zones 1-5
  • Nearly silent operation
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration1
1To the original owner, when product is used in an owner-occupied residence, a 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration of your new equipment. Warranty period is 5 years if not registered within 90 days. Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration will automatically receive a 10-year parts limited warranty. See warranty certificate for complete details.



Heating Recovery (ASE) Up to 76% at 32 °F
Cooling Recovery (TRE) Up to 55% at 95 °F



Maximum Airflow Up to 130 cubic feet per minute
Sound Quiet operation



Filter Change Easy access hinged door for filter cleaning and core cleaning



Core Moisture absorbing, crossflow, enthalpic core
Core Protection Incoming and outgoing air is prefiltered
Compatible Controls Runs during furnace or fan coil blower operation – wall control not necessary



Placement Furnace or return duct mounted
Venting Vertical
Electrical 115V



Cabinet Taupe color on metal matches Bryant furnace and fan coils
Dimensions 32″H x 7.25″W x 23.5″D


Bryant reserves the right to discontinue or change any specification or design without prior notice or obligation.


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